Commercial Large Loss


Transforming Commercial Chaos: A Large Loss Restoration Success Story

When BISON Restoration Service arrived on the scene of the commercial large loss job, we were faced with a daunting challenge. The property was in a state of chaos, with extensive damage caused by a catastrophic event. Our experienced team wasted no time in implementing a systematic approach to restore the commercial space to its former glory.

The first crucial step was a comprehensive assessment of the damage, meticulously documenting the before photos to capture the severity of the situation. Our team worked closely with the property owners and insurance adjusters to formulate a detailed restoration plan that encompassed every aspect of the project.

With our specialized equipment and expertise, we swiftly addressed the primary concerns, such as securing the structure and mitigating any potential safety hazards. Our skilled technicians collaborated with trusted contractors to conduct structural repairs, electrical system assessments, and other necessary repairs to ensure the property's stability.

Simultaneously, our restoration team diligently tackled the cleanup process, removing debris, and meticulously cleaning every inch of the affected area. We employed cutting-edge techniques and advanced equipment to eliminate lingering odors, sanitize surfaces, and restore the property's hygiene and aesthetics.